Back in December of 2016, I wasn’t much of an anime nut at the time and only watched things like K-On! and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. But since it was the Christmas/holiday season, I stumbled upon an anime that was based around the joys of Christmas, a romance comedy by the name of Amagami SS. I loved the show so much that I just had to talk about it somewhere, and since I already opened up a blog where I shared my personal thoughts and YouTube videos at first, I thought posting my first anime review would hurt to include.

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Since then, I’ve been writing about anime, learning more and more about the Japanese entertainment culture for the past year and a half and most importantly, having fun discussing these topics with this wonderful community.

In January 2018, due to some personal issues going on in my life, I had to take a break from writing for a while and made the difficult decision to end my original/old blog (sliceofalfredo.wordpress.com). It wouldn’t be long since I would come back, as February 10th 2018 would mark the restart of “Slice of Alfredo”.

What you’ll find on this particular blog are essentially random anime related topics that I find interesting and want to write about. Everything from Japanese music of different genres, the seiyuu (voice actors/actresses) who voice our beloved characters, the massive idol industry and many more topics to come, I hope you can find something from me that peaks your interest! 😀


I tend to not review much anime on here, as I instead write various reviews on TV series and movies on a separate anime blog, #moe404. There, you can find many critiques and analyses on different anime from myself and nesha, the lead editor of the site, as well as some other non-review posts that might be interesting to you.


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